• Your Nail Travel Buddy Recolution Set

    Contents include: Your Nail Travel Buddy LED Light Unit; Recolution Bond & Seal, 10ml; Recolution Funky Town colours -487, -488 & -491; Nail Prep, 50ml; Super Shine Finish Cleaner, 100ml, cuticle pusher; buffer and polish block, 100/100 grit. All comes in a stylish white bag.

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  • Recolution Gel Polish Colours, 10ml

    Gel Polish Colours for an elastic, scratch proof & extremely durable polish finish. Colours are soak off and easy to remove and must be used as part of the Recolution System. Search the colour name to see what other products are available in matching colours.

  • Recolution Bond

    Bonding agent for the Recolution System. Use very sparingly.

  • Recolution Sealer

    Super high gloss, light curing soak-off sealant for the Recolution system.

  • Recolution 2in1 Bond & Seal, 10ml

    Recolution 2in1 Bond & Seal combines a bonding agent and a high gloss sealant in one product.

  • Recolution Cube Starter Kit

    (Contents discounted) - This Recolution Cube is the perfect introduction to our Gel Polish system. Contents include: Recolution Clear, 10ml; Recolution Bond, 10ml; Recolution Sealer, 10ml and Recolution UV Colour Polish (-620), 10ml.

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  • Recolution Gel Polish Starter Set

    A fantastic price to help you get up and running (Set value £140). Set includes Gel Polish Colours 10ml x6 (59, 136, 259, 263, 269, 305), Recolution Bond 10ml, Recolution Optimizer 10ml, Recolution Clear 10ml, Recolution Sealer, 10ml, Nail Prep 50ml, Loosener 100ml, White Polish Block, instructions plus FREE Customer Booklets, 10pcs, Window Sticker & Poster.

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  • Recolution 2in1 Bond & Seal Starter Set

    (Contents discounted) - Recolution 2in1 Bond & Seal combines a bonding agent and a high gloss sealant in one product. Contents include: Recolution 2in1 bond & seal, Recolution Polish Colours -526, -87, -613, -401, Nail Prep, 50ml, Loosener 100ml, Buffer and polish block (220/240), Super Shine Finish Cleaner 100ml, Remover Wraps, 30pcs. and Removal Tool.

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  • Professional Salon Display

    Show off your range of colours with this high quality acrylic display. This space-saving display has space for 90 bottles and can hold Recolution, All Week Long and 16ml Polish bottles. W 48 X H 36 X D 20cm.

  • Nude Recolution Gel Polish, 10ml

    Nude shades never go out of fashion and these two new colours can be worn all year round.

  • Recolution 2in1 Bond & Seal, Matt, 10ml

    A matt version of Recolution 2in1 Bond & Seal.

  • Recolution Gel Polish Colour, Magic, 10ml

    Magical colour particles dazzle on your nails and change their effect according to the light and perspective as if by magic. Apply two thin layers of Magic Recolution Gel Polish as french or full cover on to the modelled and buffered nail and cure each layer.

  • Magnetic Recolution UV Polish Colour, 10ml

    Magnetic Recolution has arrived! Apply a layer of Magnetic Recolution and and hold one of the magnets (diagonal, star, snake or curve) over the surface of the Recolution for about 10 seconds to create the design as you watch! The magnet pushes away the Recolution below it to mirror the pattern, then just cure under a UV light unit. NB. If you buy Magnetic Recolution on its own you will need to buy a magnet! Colours are also available as Polish (P), Recolution (GP) and Colour Gel (CG).

  • Design Magnets for Polish & Gel

    Four design magnets for use with Magnetic Polish and Magnetic Gels. 1. Diagonal, 2. Star, 3. Snake, 4. Curve. And we strongly recommend the Magnet Holder for optimum results. Add the magnet of your choice to the holder and place each finger on the shelf below when you're ready.

  • Super Shine Finish Cleaner

    For a super, fantastic shine after Recolution and UV gel application. Also nourishes cuticles.

  • Removal Tool, Recolution

    The gentle way to remove Recolution UV Gel Polish! Application: Soak Recolution with Loosener and as soon as the polish turns soft, carefully remove the remaining polish with the removal tool. Gently push from the nail bed towards the tip of the nail.

  • Cleaner

    LCN's muliti-functional degreasing and disinfecting agent for effective and hygienic nail preparation. Available in 500ml bottle and as a handy Cleaner Pen.

  • Loosener

    Solvent for removing UV Polish, acrylics and soak off gels. Acetone based with Almond Oil.

  • Foil Nail Wraps

    For the effective removal of UV polish, acrylics and soak off gels. A healthier, more economical alternative to soaking in a bowl as uses up to 50% less acetone. Clients also have the freedom to move around and enjoy other treatments nails are soaking. N.B. Wraps for acrylics have a larger pad than wraps for UV polish.

  • Recolution Window Sticker

    Promote your UV polish service. Attaches to the inside of a window or glass door using static (no sticky surface) so can be seen from the outside.

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