• Prestige Christmas Set 2 for feet

    Prestige Christmas bag includes Baked Apple Cinnamon Foot Cream, 30ml and Heart Shaped Pumice Stone.

  • Hand Cream, Christmas Vanilla Butter Cookie, 30ml

    A scent of Christmas cookies invokes the spirit of Christmas. Shea butter and almond oil soothe and nourish the skin.

  • Foot Cream, Baked Apple Cinnamon, 30ml

    Winter care for feet with a scent of baked apple and cinnamon. A complex of panthenol, glycerin and soy oil give optimum nourishment to skin during the cold winter months.

  • Hand Cream, Prestige Christmas, 30ml

    Intensively nourishing hand cream for normal skin, with active ingredients for improving skin structure.

  • Christmas Glitter Colour Gel, 5ml

    Two new stunning glitter colours for the festive season, Gold Rush (-31) and Violet Rush (-32).

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