Acrylic Colour Powder


A range of specialist colour powders for modeling inlays and 3D Nail Art. Be adventurous!

222222 20666-1 Pure Black, 3g
87b73e 20666-2 Pure Green, 3g
87b73e 20582-2 Pure Green, 15g
e9eaec 20666-3 Pure White, 3g
e9eaec 20582-3 Pure White, 15g
056db4 20666-4 Pure Blue, 3g
056db4 20582-4 Pure Blue, 15g
eebb42 20666-5 Pure Yellow, 3g
eebb42 20582-5 Pure Yellow, 15g
7a231c 20666-6 Pure Brown, 3g
7a231c 20582-6 Pure Brown, 15g
d11943 20666-7 Pure Red, 3g
df95b6 20666-8 Pure Violet, 3g
da4d28 20666-9 Pure Orange, 3g
da4d28 20582-9 Pure Orange, 15g
c63547 20666-10 Fuschia Powder, 3g
c15042 20666-11 Red Maple, 3g
c15042 20582-11 Red Maple, 15g
0e5ea3 20666-12 Electric Blue, 3g
4ba4d9 20666-13 Aquamarine
dee0e0 20666-14 Misty Powder, 3g
b0b6b9 20666-15 Multi-colour Shimmer, 3g
ba6551 20666-16 Copper Shimmer, 3g
079452 20666-17 Green Shimmer, 3g
bf7e91 20666-18 Pink Shimmer, 3g
c1c6c9 20666-19 Silver Shimmer, 3g
cba64e 20666-20 Gold Shimmer, 3g
c686ba 20666-21 Pure Purple, 3g
f07f91 20666-22 Dark Pink, 3g
f7de45 20666-23 Light Yellow, 3g
a5c95b 20666-24 Leaf Green, 3g
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