• Under the Sea, Colour Gels, 5ml

    The Spring trend, Under the Sea, brings six new colours: Nice to meet you Aquarius (-430), Follow me into the deep (-431), Oh my! Sea treasure ahead (-432), Lobster love affair (-433), Do you speak coral? (-434) and Love will navigate us (-435).

  • Under the Sea, Rondell Display

    Flexible round turning display for practical workflow. Contains all 6 Under the Sea colours (-430) to (-435) in either colour gel, 5ml or nail polish, 8ml.

  • Rich Velvet, Colour Gels, 5ml

    The Rich Velvet Winter trend brings four new colours: Silk Seduction (-406), Onyx Goddess (-407), Gold Honey Princess (-408) and What a Royal Treat (-409). All four colours are available in Polish, Colour Gel and UV Polish.

  • Rich Velvet, Colour Gel Set

    The four new Winter trend colours, 5ml as a set in a gold trend bag.

  • French Shimmer Gels, 5ml

    These acid free UV gels have a high opacity and offer a delicate shimmer for french nails. Available in the following colours: royalty (-1) and pomp (-2).

  • Crystal Colour Gels, 5ml

    These transparent gels, loaded with sequins can be used on their own or applied on top of colour gels to provide a true highlight to nails! Available in the following colours: pink (-1) and gold (-2).

  • Colour Gels, 5ml

    Brilliant colours that are easy to apply and fun to use, for permanent colour, daring french manicure or attention grabbing nail art. Search the colour name to see what other products are available in matching colours.

  • Sweet Serenity, Colour Gel Set

    A set of the four trend colour gels, Sweet Serenity in a trendy pink bag with tassle zip.

  • Magic Colour Gel, 5ml

    Magical colour particles dazzle on your nails and change their effect according to the light and perspective as if by magic. Apply two thin layers of Magic Colour Gel as french or full cover on to the modelled and buffered nail and cure each layer.

  • Fable Colour Gels, 5ml

    Inspired by mythical creatures, enchant your clients with the glimmer effects of these fabulous new colour gels. The colour of each gel changes according to the light. Available in the following colours: Unicorn (-1), Mermaid (-2), Phoenix (-3) and Dragon (-4).

  • Neon Colour Gel, 5ml

    The louder, the better! Experience the trend of the eighties with LCN and be the absolute trendsetter with the NEON Colour Gels. For best results, paint over white coloured gel!

  • Neon Colour Gel - New

    The louder, the better! Experience the trend of the eighties with LCN and be the absolute trendsetter with the NEON Colour Gels. For best results, paint over white coloured gel!

  • Starlit Sky Colour Gels, 5ml

    These top coat gels contain intensively shimmering glitter pigments to make nails look like the night sky and can be applied as full coverage, french tips or nail art! For best results, use Ultra Shine over the top.

  • Night Light Colour Gel, 5ml

    These new Night Light Colour Gels provide guaranteed highlights in the dark! This is when these gels develop their full magnificence and glow in stunning colours. During the day the nails appear in gentle pastel colours.

  • Metallic Colour Gels, 5ml

    Give your nails a metallic look with these dazzling colour gels. Colours come with or without glitter and are easy to apply.

  • Thermo Gel, 5ml

    Amazing gels that change colour with the temperature. Thermo Gels are UV colour gels for nail extensions and tips. They get lighter in colour with an increase in temperature and change back as they cool down. Because nail bed and tip can be different temperatures, nail colours can even vary across the nail, continually changing colour like magic!

  • Glass Gel & Forms

    Completely transparent, light-curing colour gels that give a stained-glass window effect! The gel has a firm consistency and is perfectly suited for use on their own or in combination with Glass Gel Foils (2 foils per pack). To use: Apply as your modelling layer and let your imagination run riot or build out an extension over a foil. When you remove the foil after curing, you can see the pattern through the gel.

  • Magnetic Colour Gel, 5ml

    Create permanent designs using magnets! Apply a layer of gel and and hold the magnet just over the surface for about 10 seconds. The magnet pushes away the gel to mirror the pattern. For more precise application we recommend the Magnet Holder. Add a magnet into the holder and place each finger on the shelf below when you're ready.

  • Magnetic Colour Gel Set

    Contents include 6 Magnetic Colour Gels 1-6, the Diagonal and Star magnets, a Protech 1 Gel Brush and instruction leaflet.

  • French Manicure Whites

    White shades for a permanent French Look. The F in a description means a thicker version of the gel.

  • Colour Gel + Nail Polish Work Display

    Heat and practical work display for brush, colour gel and matching polish. Work and promote at the same time! Contact Despatch to choose the colours you want.

  • Light Glitter Colour Gels, 5ml

    Opaque colours with fine glitter particles for a subtle shimmer. Applied under a final sealing layer.

  • Glitter Colour Gels, 5ml

    Extra glitter with extra sparkle for a truly dazzling effect.

  • 3D Design Colour Gels, 5ml

    Create stunning 3D nail art designs and special effects with these opaque colour modelling gels.

  • Miracle Glitter Colour Gels, 5ml

    The Jeckyll & Hyde of gels with a two-in-one effect! They have an understated, seductive quality when applied over a light base gel but when applied over a black gel… LOOK OUT! The colours now appear much stronger & ready to party!

  • Camouflage Gels

    For a seemingly natural, optically perfect result! Apply Camouflage Gel (it's the same thickness as One Component Thick) to the complete nail and cure then use a French Finish and cure. Now apply your modelling layer as usual and seal. The colours are opaque but if a thin layer is applied, slightly transparent.

  • High Gloss Colours, 15ml

    Cure-and-go top coats! Ultra easy to use and with no dispersion film when cured. High Gloss Clear can be applied straight from the bottle with the integrated brush. High Gloss Colours are used just like nail polish. Apply a thin layer onto the nail and cure it, then apply a second, thicker layer and cure again. The nail is now finished. Cure and go! (For technical reasons, these gels cannot be used in skyLED units).

  • Glaze Gel Colours, 10ml

    A range of shimmering Glaze Gels in a viscosity that make them easy to apply and model. Noble Shine is a range of soft shades, Elegant Line replicates the “nude look” and French Top for an alternative French Look.

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